History Profile

Department of History,one of the oldest departments in the college contribute its mite to the upkeep of a vibrant intellectual atmosphere on the college campus. College located at Madayi Para which remains a site of historical importance,the PG Department of History. C A S College Madayi has distinguished itself as a fortune History Department in Kannur University. TheDepartment with B A History course was started in the year 1991. MA History was introduced in 1995 and it has been the first Post-graduate course in our college. Total number of students of three year (six-semester) B. A Degree programme is 180 and that of two year M. A Course is 40. Of the U. G,students 20% falls under Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Catagories. Female students constitute 60%of the total strength. It is worth mentioning that the bulk of the students belong to the socially and economically backward classes. The Department is bent upon boosting their morale and furthering their academic advance. Through an effective tutorial system the Department maintain a strong rapport with the students. Altogether 46 batches of graduate and 40 batches of post graduate have passedout from the deparment with flying colours. Many of them have attained acclaim as talented teachers,eruditeresearchers,giftedadmnisrators and meritorious police personel. Among the current faculty four teachers have Ph. D and two teachers pursuing part time research. The Department ensures that learning of History not just confined to classrooms. Department succeeded in conducting many Nationalseminars/workshops to enrich the knowledge of students and faculty. Students were also encouraged to attend seminars of other institutions. To note specifically the Department hosted the 30 th session of South Indian History Congress in 2010. The Department maintained Heritage Museum with number of monuments to create awareness and experience of the past among the students. Field trip and Heritage Walk to conducted to nearby places of importance are undertaken every year.

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