Malayalam Profile

The department of Malayalam, CAS College, Madayi was initiated along with the inauguration of the college. Malayalam department is functioning essentially by holding high the rich and famed cultural and historical milieu of Madayipara. The department has consistently performed well and contributed its share for realizing the vision of the college. It is a matter of pride for us that all the four current faculty members are PhD holders with proven track record in their respective language areas. Currently we have U.G courses where apart from Core paper we also offer Common and Open courses for the students. We are also providing complementary courses in the History of Malayalam Literature and Journalism as part of the Core papers.

An intimate part of our curriculum is the workshops, seminars, projects and field visits which enhance the awareness and personality of our learners. Yet another inseparable part of our study is the interaction with various experts who in their workshops and talks, both formal and informal, do give a sense of clarity, direction and perspectives to the youngsters. We in our department promote and encourage the unique artistic talents of the students who hail from the authentic ambiance of Theyyams and other folklore arts. With five members and an inexhaustible energy, the department is part of every facet of the college in terms of publications, resources, research outputs and social interactions.

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