College council

The Principal is assisted by a Council. All decisions are taken with the concurrence of the Council. The Council consists of all heads of the various departments and two elected members. The Council meets whenever necessary to take decisions regarding academic and non academic mat-ters.

U.G.C. Aided coaching centers

  • Coaching Classes for entry in services for SC/ST/OBC (excluding creamy layer) and Minorities. The centre offers coaching classes for entry in service for SC/ST/OBC (excluding creamy layer) and Minorities during UGC XII plan period.
  • Remedial coaching for SC/ST/OBC (excluding creamy layer) and Minorities. The Centre offers Remedial coaching for SC/ST/OBC (excluding creamy layer) and Minorities during XII plan period.
  • Career and Counselling Cell. The Centre offers career and counselling during XII Plan period.
  • Career Guidance and Placement Cell. The aim of the cell is to give the students information on matters important for success in competitive exams, and to assist the students in career and educational planning. Career magazines, pamphlets, Kerala Gazette etc. are available at the Library. The placement cell helps students to seek job opportunities through campus interview.
  • Counselling Centre. The aim of the centre is to help the students to know about themselves and get information that will help in solving his problem.

Tutorial scheme

With a view to improve the general tone of the college and to provide opportunities for close contact between the staff and students, the tutorial scheme has been introduced in the college. Students of the college are divided into groups and each group will be under the personal care of a teacher designated as 'tutor'.

Each tutor will keep regular watch over the progress and conduct of the students of his group and advise them about their studies. The tutor shall keep a personal diary regarding the conduct, character and progress of the students under his care. The chief co-ordinator is responsible for the im- plementation of the scheme

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