The Book Bank Scheme is operated by the concerned departments separately under the supervision of the department heads. They are loaned to the financially backward students for a period of one year ending on 31st March.Books will be issued to deserving students recommended by the tutor. Those who need the books should apply to the HoD recommended by the tutor of the Department. Ordinarily, a student will be issued only two text books from the book bank. If the book is not returned on the prescribed day, a fine of 1 rupee per day will be levied.It is open for a student to get the same book renewed for second year on 1st June in case it is so recommended by the tutor.Books are to be used with maximum care and there should be no damage or disfigurement. Writing with pencil or ink anywhere in the book is strictly forbidden. If any such thing has been done, the student is liable to replace the book. Books will be received back only after page to page scrutiny.

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