Sri Johny M V

Co-operative Arts and Science College , Madayi

It is a great pleasure to meet you all during the academic year 2024-25. The Central govt. is planning to implement the National Education Policy 2020 which envisions an India-centric education system that contributes directly to transforming our nation sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society by providing high quality education to all. Meanwhile, Covid - 19 pandemic is affecting all social, economic, religious aspects of life and has also affected the entire educational system. So online and offline (blended mode) classes are arranged in the teaching learning process. Beyond doubt, the conventional method of teaching and learning process is also affected. Meantime, our dedicated teachers with available infrastructure are determined to help the students to achieve their goals in life.

On behalf of Co- operative Arts and Science College, Madayi I welcome all the students and wish you all the best for this academic year.

Sri Johny M V

Succession List of Principals
1 Prof. P.M.Lakshmanan (1983-1987)
2 Prof. K.V.Balan (Addl charge) (1987-1988)
3 Prof. A.K.C.Panikkar (1988-1993)
4 Prof. K.V.Balan (1993-2003)
5 Prof. Vijayamma N. (2003-2006)
6 Dr. Narayanan Namboodiri (2006-2010)
7 Prof. T.M.Jecy (2010-2013)
8 Dr. P. Musafer Ahamed (2013-2016)
9 Dr. V.N. Mahamood (Addl charge) (2016-2016)
10 Smt. Latha E.S. (Addl charge) (2016-2017)
11 Dr. N. Padmanabhan (2017-2021)
12 Dr. G. Premkumar (Addl charge) (2021-2022)
13 Smt. Latha E S (Addl charge) (2022-2024)
14 Sri. Johny M V (Addl charge) (2024-)

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