Name of the college Co-operative Arts and Science college Madayi
Address Co-operative Arts and Science college Madayi, P.O Payangadi R.S Kannur 670358.
Affiliating University Kannur University
Year Of Establishment 1982-83
Year Of Affiliation Temporary: 1982-83, Permanent: 1995-96
Year Of Recognition U/S 2(f): 1996 U/S 12(b): 1996
Type Aided
Category Affiliated

Our Motto

The motto of the college is in Sanskrit:
logo Aanobhadra krtavo yantu ‘ viswatah means Let earthly and noble virtues flood upon us from all directions. This is a Vedic mantra (Rig Veda 1.89.1) . The verse gently reminds how all the earthly experiences have something to teach to us. In other words knowledge is present in every experience .
What is the meaning of this Sanskrit verse "Ana no bhadrah kratavo yantu vishvah"?
This is part of the mantra of Rigveda I-89-i. It is called Swasti Vachan Mantra which means that we should get welfare thoughts from everywhere. In fact, the core of Indian culture is the feeling that the living beings of the whole world should be well. The feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is that the whole world is like a family. Just as the whole family becomes sad due to the suffering of one member. It is a prayer that let knowledge bring well being to all humans.
The College has this as its motto because the institution upholds the importance of knowledge and how it is manifest all over. It is for each individual to imbibe this and spread this virtue as he progresses in life.

This Institution Serves

  • To enable students to rise up the social ladder.
  • Creating healthy, humanistic outlook.
  • Encouraging cordiality and creativity
  • Inculcating the spirit of social service.
  • Exposing the students to the latest development in Science and technology, Business Management, Agriculture, Industry, Tours, environment and heritage conservation

Academic development of the college

1983 Pre - Degree Courses
1991 B.A.Degree Course in History
1993 B.A.Degree Course in English.
1995 M.A. History.
1996 College affiliated to Degree Kannur University.
1998 B.Com Degree Course.
1999 B.A.Malayalam Degree Course
2001 B.Sc. Mathematics Degree Course
2013 M.Com (Finance)
2014 B.B.A.Degree Course

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